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Where to go in Moscow

What to see in the Russian capital? Interesting events in Moscow near the Hotel Troyka. Hotel Troyka is located in the heart of Moscow and all the interesting events can be seen from the Windows of the hotel. Follow our news and be aware of all the events.

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Hotel Troyka in the center of Moscow

  • Парад городской техники
    13.Sep.2019 Parade of urban technology At 11 am on Sep 14th parade of urban technology will take place in Moscow. More than 600 cars will pass along the Garden Ring, among them not only modern cars, but retro cars as well. You`ll be abe to visit the open-air car exhibition and see the show on the Moskva River, which will be attended by fire-rescue ships.
  • Urban Vegan Fest 2019
    12.Sep.2019 Urban Vegan Fest 2019 The ARTPLAY design center will host a vegetarian lifestyle festival on September 14. The Urban Vegan Fest 2019 will take place at several venues. The Fest invites guests to the food court, where you can taste both familiar and new dishes of vegetarian cuisine. You`ll be abe to see graffiti battles and enjoy DJs performance under the open sky. Admission is free or payment is optional.
  • Фестиваль "Наши в городе"
    06.Sep.2019 Festival "Our people in the city" The festival "Our people in the city" will be held on September 7 and 8 on Academician Sakharov Avenue. Rock musicians of the festival “Invasion” will perform, who made a great gift to the guests of the capital and organized a festival in the style of “Invasion” in the center of the capital. The 20-hour program of the festival will be conducted by the artists of "Our radio", whose songs are remembered and known by no generation. In addition to rock artists, will perform and contemporary artists representing other musical genres. Entrance to the festival is free.
  • День города Москва 2019
    02.Sep.2019 The day of the city Moscow 2019 In 2019, in Moscow will celebrate the 872 th anniversary of the capital. The date is scheduled for September 7 and 8. The day of the city Moscow will be held on the first Saturday of autumn, the 7th. However, everything will not be limited to one day, and on Sunday festivities will continue. And in the evening of September 7, residents of the city will enjoy a traditional festive salute: from different points of the capital in the sky will launch several tens of thousands of volleys.
  • Фестиваль Цветочный джем
    23.Aug.2019 Festival Flower jam From 23.08.2009 to 08.09.2009 in Moscow will be held the sweetest festival -Flower jam. Will be presented all kinds of jams, ice cream and other favorite treats. For full immersion in the atmosphere at the festival grounds will be presented thematic Souvenirs handmade: floral arrangements, stucco panels, author's toys, decorative ceramics and even florariums. Catering companies will complement the overall picture, offering guests of the festival themed dishes from unusual floral combinations.
  • Фестиваль Казачья станица
    19.Aug.2019 Cossack festival August 24, 2019 in the Museum-reserve "Kolomenskoye" will be held IX international festival "Cossack village Moscow". This year, this great holiday will open its doors to all Muscovites and guests of the capital to acquaint them with the unique culture and traditions that preserve the spirit of the Cossacks.
  • Фестиваль фейерверков
    12.Aug.2019 Fireworks festival On August 17-18, the fifth international festival of pyrotechnic art "Rostec" will be held in the Brateevsky Park, which this year will be dedicated to theatrical art. Leading pyrotechnics from around the world will gather to surprise the audience and compete for the title of the best. At 21:00 - 22:45: 8 of the world's best teams prepare pyrotechnic show!
  • Пикник «Афиши»
    19.Jul.2019 Picnic Afisha August 3 will be one of the largest events of the summer in park Kolomenskoe - Picnic "Afisha". This year, will be headliners will be the legendary The Cure also among the guests: rapper Pusha T, Grammy nominee Mura Masa, charming Anton MC and hero of the pop groove EIGHTEEN, Basta, Gruppa Kryptonite and others. The full list of artists is always kept secret.
  • День транспорта в Москве
    09.Jul.2019 Day of transports Day of transports in Moscow dedicated to the historical date: 7 jul 1872 of the year in Moscow earned the conca (urban railroad with horses — predecessor modern tram). Exhibition photos of transport from different years in the park Zaryadye, near the hotel "Troyka", will introduce the history of development of urban transport. Entrance free.
  • Фестиваль Усадьба «Джаз»
    21.Jun.2019 Festival Manor "JAZZ" From 22 to 23 June will be held for the sixteenth time festival - Manor "jazz" in Kolomenskoye Park. On stage will perform Spleen, Black Eyed Peas, Ivan Dorn, Nino Katamadze and other stars. In addition to the music program, guests will find a market with designer clothes and jewelry, as well as a food court. Feel free to come with children: they are waiting for a special entertainment program.
  • День России
    12.Jun.2019 Day of Russia Today, 12.06.2019 in Moscow celebrating Day of Russia. The main holiday for all Russians! We congratulate everyone on the Day of Russia and wish everyone to remain patriots of their country! Hotel «Troyka» will be celebrating the day of Russia!
  • Фестиваль Время и эпохи
    06.Jun.2019 Festival Time and era From 07.06.2019 to 16.06.2019 in Moscow will pass Festival "Time and era". This is a festival of reconstruction of life from different eras. There will be many places in Moscow where cultural, household, technological and military items of a certain historical period will be presented, including costumes of participants and household items. You can eating according to the traditions of past eras, buy Souvenirs of folk art crafts. It will be infinitely interesting and close by hotel «Troyka»!
  • Фестиваль "Рыбная неделя"
    23.May.2019 Festival "fish week" No wonder Moscow is called the port of 5 seas. From 24.05.2019 – 02.06.2009 will be the festival "fish week", at the fair of products will be presented an enviable abundance of chilled, frozen, smoked, dried, canned fish products, seafood and delicacies to the most demanding taste. Events will be held close by the hotel «Troyka» in the center of Moscow.
  • Фестиваль Святого Николая Чудотворца
    15.May.2019 The Festival Of St. Nicholas The festival of St. Nicholas day will be held in Moscow from 17 to 19 may. The cultural program of Orthodox churches and monasteries, religious book publishers will show their products and creativity of artisans. There will be festivities with fragrant and delicious teas, pastries, dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. All celebrations will be held in the center of Moscow, close by hotel «Troyka».
  • С Днем Победы!
    09.May.2019 Сongratulations on Victory Day! Victory day is a celebration of the victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945. It is established by the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of may 8, 1945 and is celebrated on may 9 each year. Since 1965, victory Day is a non-working holiday. In the center of Moscow on this day there are many interesting events and a parade on red square. To be in Moscow on may 9 is to know Russia.
  • С праздником Весны и Труда
    01.May.2019 Holiday of Spring and Labor At the beginning of may in Russia is a holiday of Spring and Labor. In the center of Moscow for the holiday are mass celebrations. On red square and Zaryadye Park you will find a good mood! To reach Moscow city centre from the hotel «Troyka», and three in 10 minutes. Be with us and we will share the holiday atmosphere together!
  • Москоская весна А CAPPELLA
    30.Apr.2019 Moscow spring - А CAPPELLA Moscow will hold the largest festival of Acapel singing from 1 to 12 may. Bright event will provide an opportunity for talents to show their capabilities, and producers of musical instruments to present their best objects. Vinyl records and other retro products will be sold at the festival fair. The festival of Acapel singing will be at the Central of Moscow, close by hotel «Troyka» Moscow.
  • Празднование Пасхи
    28.Apr.2019 Celebration of the great Easter Hotel «Troyka» In celebration of the great Easter! Easter is the oldest and most important festival of the Western Christian year, celebrating Jesus Christ's resurrection following his crucifixion on Good Friday. Easter Sunday is the culmination of Holy Week, and the first day of Eastertide. Easter marks the end of the 40 days of Lent. Easter Sunday (or simply Easter Day) is the first day of the Easter Week which ends on Easter Saturday. Christ's resurrection forms the basis of Christian faith as it demonstrates Jesus to be the Son of God, and symbolizes his conquest of death.
  • Фестиваль Пасхальный дар
    24.Apr.2019 Festival Easter gift The traditional festival «Easter gift» will be in Moscow from 25.04.2009 – 05.05.2019, close by hotel «Troyka», dedicated to the meeting of the bright Easter holiday. You can to buy the thematic Easter goods at the festival «Easter gift», all visitors will be able to buy Souvenirs of charitable organizations and crafts created by the hands of their wards. Traditionally, restaurateurs will prepare for the festival Lenten menu.
  • Туристические тропы
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