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Hotel news

  • 8 марта
    08.Mar.2019 March 8 Congratulations to all women шт the World on the International Women's day 8 March. Celebration are coming on Red square in Moscow, you can walk from the hotel «Troika» in 10 minutes. Good women's holiday!
  • 23 февраля
    23.Feb.2019 February 23 Dear men, from all staff of hotel «Troika» we congratulate you on February 23!
    We wish you to always remain strong and invincible, even in the most difficult situation! We are waiting for you at Troika hotel, and always ready to give comfort.
  • Мероприятие для Школы Руководителей Ольги Паратновой
    24.Jul.2018 Event is for School Leaders Olga Portnovoy Our guest School Leaders Olga Portnovoy: "Thank you very much for your cooperation! We believe that we are very lucky with you - and the service is just at the highest level! We will be glad to share our impressions with other guests."
  • Мы в программе ВЕСТИ
    12.Feb.2018 TV program VESTY TV programme VESTY. Law on the number of stars for hotels in Russia. The TV program is about the hotel Troyka Moscow.
  • Блогер
    05.Apr.2017 Bloger

    Recently, active fotobloger and traveler – Aleksandr Udikov, visited our Hotel. He was very happy with our hospitality, and wrote a very nice review about us in his blog.

    We are always open for cooperation!

  • Открытие кафе в отеле Тройка
    31.Mar.2017 Hotel’s Troyka Café Dear Guests of the Troyka Hotel Moscow, we are glad to announce Hotel’s Café opening. It is opened for Breakfast daily, on working days from 07.30 am to 11.00 am/on weekends from 08.00 am to 11.00 am, on the ground floor of the Hotel. Breakfast costs 400 rub per person. For ordering breakfast, please, contact our lovely administrators on Reception desk.
  • С 8 марта
    08.Mar.2017 March 8 Dear Ladies and of course, our Beautiful Guests of the Hotel! Happy Women’s Day!
  • С 23 февраля
    23.Feb.2017 February 23 Happy Defender’s Day! Dear Defenders, we appreciate you a lot!
  • С новым годом
    31.Dec.2016 Happy New Year! Dear Guests! The whole team of the Troyka Hotel Moscow wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let the New Year brings you many adventurous travels, happiness and bright mood every day. Moreover, Troyka Hotel Moscow will be your loyal assistant during the next stay in Moscow :-)
  • Открытие отеля Тройка
    22.Dec.2016 Troyka Hotel Moscow open We are happy to announce the official opening of Troyka Hotel Moscow on 22nd of December 2016! We are looking forward to welcome you at our Hotel!